Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vincent & Mike's Frisky Fall

The airs outside are gettin' chilly;

An it's makin' us kitties kinda silly;

We are workin' on growin' our winter furs;

An we're rollin' around an makin' loud purrs;

We are chasin' each other all over the house;

An playin' with a little toy mouse;

We look out the window and watch squirrels run;

An we been thinkin' that looks kinda fun;

So, we asked our Mombean, maybe, please;

Could we go outside and chase some leaves?

"No, you're inside kitties, you live in the house"

Oh, please, if we got out there, we could catch us a mouse!

"No," she said, "Now, be good kitties and stop all your fuss";

An then, guess what! She brought the leaves to us.

We sniffed 'em and pounced 'em;

An tasted 'em too;

They were such cool new things,

we weren't sure what to do;

They is crinkly, and smell good...

an, there were some bugs;

Thanks for the prezzy, Mom;

Kitty head butts and hugs.

Vincent & Mike


The Island Cats said...

Love the poem!

Forever Foster said...

You two look very handsome investigating the leaves. What a great mum you have to bring the leaves to you!