Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to Vote!

The entries are closed and we're thrilled with all of the support! I hope everyone had as much fun as all of us at Simply Siamese. We had a total of 51 entries!! That means $102 for our charities!!

We would love if anyone else wants to donate to our causes to click the donate button below (suggested amount $2). Kaze choose our winners! The winner of the 80% is the, and he 20% goes to Grr, Midnight, & Cocoa's feral colony.

At this time we will open up voting to the general public until October 24th 2008 11:59 PM. From the top viewers choices we will choose our winners from a panel of human judges. The winners will be announced on October 27th.

Voting rules as follows: One vote per cat in household limited to up to 5 votes. Use the following format

Latte votes for: Snap's Frisky Fall
(your name): (title of the entry)
***in the comments section of THIS post***(comment moderation has been enabled to keep things mysterious)

Sponsored Categories (Winners will be announced from the Sponsors and prizes announced):
Best Tuxedo Cat- sponsored by the Tuxedo Gang
Best Floofy Cat- Floof and Fur
Lazy Crazy Fall- Sassy Cat

(Sponsors please e-mail their winners to us and we'll post them here with the prizes)

Prizes will come from Siamese Rescue and are as follows:
1st Place Millie Bed
2nd Place Purr pad and toys
3rd Place $10 gift certificat


Anonymous said...

Gandalf votes for: Miss Abby, Manx Mnews

Anonymous said...

Grayson votes for: Derby, It's a Ginger World

Daisy said...

Daisy votes for: Percy's Less than Frisky Fall!

Sassy and Frank said...

Hi it's me Sassy Kat and I am picking the winning kitty in my catagory, I am the sponser of Lazy Crazy Fall catagory.

I pick Fall Days by Stryder at Kelly's Korner for my choice.

Sassy and Frank said...

Sassy Kat votes for Shades Of Fall by Shade from Symac Stories.

goldenshade said...

Goldie~ Farewell to lizards (Tara)

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Miss Peach vote's for~

Overall best: Daisy

Best Tuxedo: Samantha

Best Floofy: Maggy

Lazy Crazy Fall: Parker

Cory said...

We have 7 kittie here, so we'll cast our max 5 votes for:

Shade- Best Tuxedo kitty
Daisy- Best Lazy crazy fall kitty
Eliot- Best floofy kitty (best tummy too)

DEBRA said...

Abby votes for Perfectly Parker's Frisky Fall.

Miss Boo votes for Vampy Vic Austrialian Fall.

Ping votes for Zoolarty Shine A Little Light.

Jinx votes for Daisy's Frisky Fall.
Gracie votes for Samantha's Frisky Fall.

all of da ManxMnews gang

Sunny's Mommy said...

Sunny votes for Vincent & Mike's Frisky Fall;

Ollie votes for Scotchy's Sunbeam Break; and

Rascal votes for Maggy's My Days Dwindle Down...

Castle said...

we votes for

Miss Peach

Perfectly Parker

The Cat Realm said...

Karl votes for: Farewell to Lizards

Mrs. OZ votes for: Bathsheba's Frisky Fall

Tintin votes for: What Fall Means to HRH Yao-Lin

Anita said...

Oh! I had a prepared entry and I have been late to take part. I have liked very much this contest. I wait to be able to take part next year!

Junior said...

Orion votes for: Bathsheba

Junior votes for: Victor the vampire kitty

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Cheysuli votes for Yao-lin.
Gemini votes for Derby

Kellykat said...

My name is Sugar and I vote for: Daisy.

My name is Scotchy and I vote for: Sunbeam Break.

My name is Holmes and I vote for: It comes on a crisp night.

My name is Stryder and I vote for: Its a ginger world.

Anonymous said...

OH wow is this hard!

Victor the Vampy kitty)votes for: Frisky Fall
Mickey: (Mickey the black cat)
His Mistress Mushka votes for:
George's Frisky Fall: (Crews Views)

Both because we feels we see them and "feel Autumn"

haha but we thinks we should be voting for our fuuriends.. bah.. ok hit post now Momma so you can not think what to do anymore.... :))

Robyn and HotMBC said...

Here are the Hotties votes!

Sanjee: Cheysuli's Frisky Fall
Boni Maroni: Fin's Frisky Fall
Mini: Whicky Wuudler
Mrs Othello: It comes on a crisp night
Pepi: It's a Ginger World

Derby said...

I vote for ME

Derby votes for It's a Ginger World.

I think mine is best!

Vincent and Mike said...

Mike votes for Emily's Frisky Fall

The Island Cats said...

Here's our votes:

Wally votes for Daisy's Frisky Fall
Ernie votes for Grayson's Haunted Halloween
Zoey votes for Vincent & Mike's Frisky Fall

This was really fun!!
The Island Cats

Vincent and Mike said...

Vincent votes for Sophia - It comes on a crisp night.

Forever Foster said...

Suey votes for: Shades of Fall (Sumac Stories).

Forever Foster said...

Fuifui Moimoi votes for: Perfectly Parker's Frisky Fall.

ZOOLATRY said...

There are so many wonderful fall pictures and wonderful fall stories it is difficult to choose... and we're not sure how to categorize... but Zoolatry
votes for:
FIN... cause this post made us laugh a lot.
GRAYSON... cause this pic is mysterious, unique and intriguing.

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

Pepper votes for : Samantha of Life from a Cats Perspective

Fin said...

So hard to choose, since I probably shouldn't vote from Whicky since it was a guest post on my blog... I am voting for Shades of Fall.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Yao-Lin would like to vote for for Elliot

Mao would like to vote for Emily!

Niko and Cloud said...

Niko and Cloud each cast a vote for Daisy The Curly Cat

Parker said...

Hi - Here are our votes -
Parker votes for : Bathsheba's Frisky Fall
Puff votes for : Ernie's Frisky Fall
Powder votes for : Derby - It's A Ginger World
Rudy votes for : Shade - Shades of Fall

The Cats Stephens said...

Emily - Daisy's Frisky Fall
Percy - Maggy of Zoolatry's My Days Dwindle Down...
Eliot - Grayson's Halloween Haunting
Abbie - Vincent and Mike's Frisky Fall

China Cat said...

I loved looking at all of the fall pictures! Here's my vote:

China Cat voted for It's A Ginger World by Derby the Sassy Cat

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

Willow said...

I love the fall and all of the fall pictures were terrific! Here's my vote:

Willow voted for Vincent and Mike's Frisky Fall

Mickey said...

Mickey: Halloween Haunting
It's hard to pick :)

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Samantha Votes: Tara Princess Meezer-Farewell To Lizards

Mr. Tigger votes: Walley's Frisky Fall

Tara said...

Tara votes for Derby: It's a Ginger world.