Sunday, October 26, 2008


What a fun contest this was! We had such a great turnout and we're really excited to help out our charities (see previous post for charity winners). Today we get to announce the prize winners!

The winner for The Tuxedo Gang Hideout is Abby from Manx MNews. She won $10.00, a 2009 Cat Calender and a kitty goodie bag with cat toy, temptations and more!

The Floof & Fur winner is Fin . The prizes include $10, a 2009 Cat Calendar and a kitty goodie bag with cat toy, temptations, and more!

Lazy Crazy Fall category by Sassy Cat is Fall Days by Stryder at Kelly's Korner. Since Sassy's human is having surgery we're going to send out a package in her place. Feel better!

As voting was less tight than we thought we didn't need to consult with human judges, we just went with the popular vote.

1st Place Winner of a Millie Bed is......Daisy!!

2nd Place Winner of a goodie bag from Siamese Rescue is.....Derby!

3rd Place Winner of a purr pad is....Sophia!

If ALL winners would please e-mail their contact info to SimplysiameseATgmailDOTcom we will make sure your prizes get sent to the correct houses. Individual categories will be shipped by the sponsors and our winners will be shipped directly from VA Siamese Rescue.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to Vote!

The entries are closed and we're thrilled with all of the support! I hope everyone had as much fun as all of us at Simply Siamese. We had a total of 51 entries!! That means $102 for our charities!!

We would love if anyone else wants to donate to our causes to click the donate button below (suggested amount $2). Kaze choose our winners! The winner of the 80% is the, and he 20% goes to Grr, Midnight, & Cocoa's feral colony.

At this time we will open up voting to the general public until October 24th 2008 11:59 PM. From the top viewers choices we will choose our winners from a panel of human judges. The winners will be announced on October 27th.

Voting rules as follows: One vote per cat in household limited to up to 5 votes. Use the following format

Latte votes for: Snap's Frisky Fall
(your name): (title of the entry)
***in the comments section of THIS post***(comment moderation has been enabled to keep things mysterious)

Sponsored Categories (Winners will be announced from the Sponsors and prizes announced):
Best Tuxedo Cat- sponsored by the Tuxedo Gang
Best Floofy Cat- Floof and Fur
Lazy Crazy Fall- Sassy Cat

(Sponsors please e-mail their winners to us and we'll post them here with the prizes)

Prizes will come from Siamese Rescue and are as follows:
1st Place Millie Bed
2nd Place Purr pad and toys
3rd Place $10 gift certificat

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Frisky Fall

Fall is here! Its a time for snuggling and playing and being mischievous! Nights are longer and humans are around much more. We had such fun with our Spring Contest we thought we'd run another. This Frisky Fall contest will be to benefit kitties in need.

Here's what's going to happen. For every entry I am going to donate $1 AND Sammy & Miles are going to donate $1 as well! That means every entry earns $2 to kitties in need! Now its hard to choose just one cause or one kitty so we've decided to do a 80%/20% split and award the prizes to 2 charities or kitties in need. To choose who benefits we're going to take names and put them in a hat. Then Kaze is going to choose #1 & #2 this way its fair and there are no favorites (unless your slip of paper has bacon grease on it, then you might have a better chance at winning). Oh, and if you win we're going to award tiered prizes as well because we're cats so we're selfish and want something for ourselves!

This contest is for ALL blogging animals (buns, rats, woofies, etc), not just meezers so please tell your friends to join us. Should anyone want to sponsor a category, please let us know and we'd be thrilled with that (like best bun, best meezer, etc.)

Sponsored Categories (special rules and prizes determined by sponsors and posted later):
Best Tuxedo Cat- sponsored by the Tuxedo Gang
Best Floofy Cat- Floof and Fur
Lazy Crazy Fall- Sassy Cat

Prizes will come from Siamese Rescue and are as follows:
1st Place Millie Bed
2nd Place Purr pad and toys
3rd Place $10 gift certificate.

So, what do you do? Do what you do best, create something (no, not in the litterbox sort of way)! As with the Spring Contest we decided there are two elements that bind us all together- words and photography. We don't want to put anyone in a "box" so we're going to keep the parameters loose but we are going to require three main things.

1. You must have a written element (a couple of lines, a poem, short story, etc.). The words must be your own (with your human's translation help of course). Its OK to use inspiration from other sources (ie human poets) but please make the words flow from your own mouth :) and site any sources of inspiration.

2. You must have a photographic element. The photograph be just that- simple and focused on cats and Fall. While we all love Photoshopped pictures this contest is about impulsive frisky behavior so please just post pictures that are simple and with minimal Photoshop help. Even if its just a picture of you in a sunspot, that's perfect!

3. Your content must focus on cats (of course) AND Fall (leaves, sun spots, stroller rides, Halloween, pumpkins, etc.). Whatever you think of when you think of Fall. You can use the photo and written elements to express both or use the photo for cats and the words for Fall or however you want. Just make sure your complete entry focuses on both.

Entries are open NOW until 11:59 PM (EST) October 19th, 2008. At that time we will open up voting to the general public until October 24th 2008 11:59 PM. From the top viewers choices we will choose our winners from a panel of human judges. The winners will be announced on October 27th.

Please provide a link to your blog at the end of your entry and label the post like this: (Your name) Frisky Fall

Log in info: siamesefall
Password: friskyfall08

Any questions? E-mail me SIMPLYSIAMESEatGMAILdotCOM

And its our contest, so we retain the right to change things should we see fit.

~Simply Siamese

Farewell to Lizards

Fall is here
The Rabbit Brush has bloomed and gone to seed
And now I must say
Goodbye to the day
I hunt in the sun Mr Lizard

As the cold settles in
And the snow starts to fall
Dream so will I
Mr Lizard is in my eye
Whom I'll chase in the warmth of the spring

Samantha Black's Frisky Fall

My Favorite Fall Things
By Samantha Black

The cooler air
The pretty colors
Longer nights to prowl
Lots more naps

Samantha Black at Life From A Cat's Perspective

Mr. Tigger's Frisky Fall

Ode To The Leaf
By Mr. Tigger

I love the leaves of Fall
They krinkle and they crackle
They make my nose tickle
I love to chase them all around
Trixie wanna come and play with me?

Mr. Tigger at Life From A Cat's Perspective

Mickey-Frisky Fall

On my deck the leaves do fall,
I want to go out and chase them all!!!!!


Persephone-Frisky Fall

Fall was fun when I was young, and had leaves to pounce. But then winter came and snow higher than my head and I lived under a BBQ and so I think the Out isn't so much fun anymore. But my mommy is the bestest mommy ever and brought me leaves INSIDE to pounce and bite!

No mommy, I don't think I want to go out. There's a cold breeze attacking my ears.

Persephone at Jack of All Shades and Shadows

Jack-Frisky Fall

We've had cooler weather since August to frisk about in. But eventually all the leaves fall, in about a week, and then it's cold, and soon, very soon, the evil white stuff falls again from the sky and I can't even go on my balcony because the snow is out to get me.

The leaves didn't fall much in Vancouver. And the evil white stuff didn't fall much either.

I think the leaves fall in a snow dance to call the snow down on us.

I shall put the bitey on the snow-dancing leaves!

And then I shall nap, warm and cozy away from the open window, where the evil white stuff might try to sneak in.

Jack at Jack of All Shades and Shadows

Niko and Cloud's Frisky Fall

Fall is here, which means it's almost time for Halloween. Sir Niko the Evil shows us his prized skull, and Cloud the Brave shows us that she's not scared to get a scritch from any hand, even an evil one!

Niko and Cloud

Percy's Less than Frisky Fall

Fall is not exactly my favorite time,
This one is the worst in my mind,
My brofur tries to snuggle and keep himself warm,
My sisfurs poke and chase me, and there's no more corn,
Though the windows are open, I always have to share,
Everytime I find a lap to lay in, some cat is already there,
The worst of all they are going to take me toe,
I have no idea where it will go,
A whole day at the vet, and lots of pokes,
This does not sound like a good time to me, folks.
I really just wish Fall would go away,
And Spring time would come, and be here to stay.

By Percy of the Cats Stephens

Abbie's Frisky Fall

The smell of Fall makes me wild in the eyes,
I want to chase and play and run and dive,
I want to chase my sisfur's tail around,
I want to wrestle Eliot to the ground,
I want to poke at Percy until he runs away,
I want to stalk the birdies at the feeder all day.
Fall is full of so much to do,
If you come over I'll play with you too.

Abbie of the Cats Stephens

Eliot's Frisky (and Busy) Fall

Fall is the time,
To keep sisfurs in line,
As they run and play in-doors.

Fall is when,
We comfort our brofur again,
As he goes to the vet even more.

In Fall we need,
To take time to rest and sleep,
And dream of seasons more bright and warm.

By Eliot of the Cats Stephens

Emily's Frisky Fall

It's time to fall into bed and snuggle up and keep warm.

Bedtime is always the best time.

Emily of the Cats Stephens.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tintin's Frisky Fall

Tintin from The Cat Realm

Daisy's Frisky Fall

When Fall is the season,
That is the perfect reason
To don my robe of red
And go early to bed

The flannel is cozy,
And I feel all dozy
Under the covers I go,
Maybe it will snow!

Then my Mom reminds me,
To not be so silly!
I must take off my robe,
Florida never gets chilly

At this I am sad
I love my robe of plaid
So I close my eyes
And dream of snow filled skies

Ernie's Frisky Fall

There's nothin' like sittin' in the window

on a sunny fall day!

Visit me at The Island Cats!

Frisky Fall ~ Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Socks enjoys hunting in the fall.

Scylla & Charybdis enjoy going for long walks around the pond with Mommy to look at wildflowers.

Can you believe our Mommy made it across this narrow board without falling in the water? You can find us at Alasandra & The Cats.
~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bathsheba's Frisky Fall

In Autumn the shadows are long
And the colors rich and deep
But winter, spring, summer, or fall,
All I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vincent & Mike's Frisky Fall

The airs outside are gettin' chilly;

An it's makin' us kitties kinda silly;

We are workin' on growin' our winter furs;

An we're rollin' around an makin' loud purrs;

We are chasin' each other all over the house;

An playin' with a little toy mouse;

We look out the window and watch squirrels run;

An we been thinkin' that looks kinda fun;

So, we asked our Mombean, maybe, please;

Could we go outside and chase some leaves?

"No, you're inside kitties, you live in the house"

Oh, please, if we got out there, we could catch us a mouse!

"No," she said, "Now, be good kitties and stop all your fuss";

An then, guess what! She brought the leaves to us.

We sniffed 'em and pounced 'em;

An tasted 'em too;

They were such cool new things,

we weren't sure what to do;

They is crinkly, and smell good...

an, there were some bugs;

Thanks for the prezzy, Mom;

Kitty head butts and hugs.

Vincent & Mike

Wally's Frisky Fall

I love the fall colors

because I blend with them so well!

Visit me at The Island Cats

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fin's Frisky Fall

Hey, where did my fish go? I know I left them right in here...
Fall means my fountain gets shut down for the season. I may feel frisky in the fall but the fish sure don't. Don't worry though, I don't have koi breath, they'll be back soon enough. For now they are safely tucked in the fish tank, where I can keep an even closer eye on them.
Fall lasts for only about five hours here in the desert - when we wake up in the morning it's summer, in the afternoon we all gather by our TVs to watch the one tree (held in a secret location) change colors, and by the end of the day it's winter.
Okay if I exaggerate, a bit, it's cause I'm feeling frisky!
Fin's Frisky Fall at Housecat Confidential

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunbeam Break

Being a formally feral kitty has its perks. I know all the great spots outside to play and hide and ambush and climb. I come home all the time with leaves and burrs and sticks caught in my fur now that Fall is here. But after all that fun, a kitty just needs a little time to herself. That's why when I come inside I find my favorite spot and snuggle up with Mr. Sunbeam.
He's great! I love how he makes me glow and feel all warm and cozy. He bounces off my floofy furs and sparkles all over me. I don't want him to go so as he starts to leave I roll over and hug him goodbye and tell him I'll see him next time.
Scotchy and Mr. Sunbeam can be found at Kellykat's Korner.

Sugar on the Prowl

Now that fall is in the air, critters are on the ground! I spend lots of time prowling around looking for something to chase and bat around. So far I've only found some crinkly old leaves. I decided to take a load off and admire the last bit of good weather while I can. There's nothing like lounging in the yard. I can have a cat nap and still keep an eye out for scurrying playmates. They better watch out! Just because it's Fall doesn't mean that I've fallen down on my job!
Sugar blogs at Kellykat's Korner.

Holmes at Home

Now that the days are getting colder my floofy kitty fur is feeling a little thin. But after 15 years of living thru all this, I know where to find comfort. I decorate my comfy spots with the fall colors since they are the warmest.
And when I'm not in my warm spot, you can find me here looking out the front door. The sun is still shining bright enough to leave its mark on my picture so I'll patiently watch it as it sets.

My name is CJ, better known as Holmes and I blog on Kellykat's Korner.

Fall Days

As I look out my window in the morning, I can see how beautiful the colors are getting. It makes me want to rush outside to do a whole bunch of nothing imparticular.
I want to feel the cool green grass under me one last time.
Then I'll find the cool dirt to roll in.
But mostly I need to soak up as much sun as I can on my back porch before it all goes away for the year.
My name is Stryder and I blog at Kellykat's Korner.

What Fall Means to HRH Yao-Lin

Yours, shivering...

HRH Yao-Lin xx

What Fall Means to Baby Mao

Luf n hugs

Baby Mao!

What Fall Means To Me

What Fall Means to Me

Open windows and moldy leaf smells

Cooler air makes me want to attack my toys with bells! (especially at 3:30am)

The Purdue Boilermakers on College Football Game Day

Will the Bengals Win? No way! Not without Palmer anyway.

Cackling Witch Decorations and a Haunted Village to Rule

And My Very Own Pumpkin that Over I Droll (and chew on the stem)

Happy Fall to Everyone!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It’s time to be thankful for our families, our friends, the food we eat and nose rubs.

Ooooo yeah

Harvest time

mmmMMMmmm basil!

The joys of the harvest are enjoyed by all The Bun.

~Lando Bun

Frisky Fall - Whicky Wuudler

One of the best things about Autumn, is that the nights draw in sharper and colder and I get to spend evenings snuggling with my man. I love him. He's comfortable, warm and can resist fiddling with my massive paws. We commune about man things. I will let him know if my comfort is compromised in even the minutest way, by emitting a small grizzle. Here I am holding him down firmly. He may want to visit the bathroom, but I do not. I'm happy doing a sultry pout for the lens.

Whicky Wuudler - Guest Post at Housecat Confidential

It comes on a crisp night

Should I stay... or should I go?

It comes on a crisp night and
Dusts the air with the scent of spice.
You can hear the stirring leaves and
The scampering feet of tiny mice.
Fall, it comes in the night.