Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Snap's Frisky Fall

What? You thought they called me Snap because I'm pleasant? Well I'm not. I'm cranky and I put my ears back a lot.

Anyhow, as a horse, Fall really means frisky time! The breezes make me squeal and buck and fart and run around like a filly. I make trouble with the younger horses and make sure they are aware that I'm the boss mare. The cooler air means I get the friskies even when I'm being ridden. Suddenly I see MONSTERS in corners and have to freak out and run away from them. Also, when my Bill Payer Lady would like me to pay attention I'm more in the mood to just do things my way.

If I'm cursed the Bill Payer Lady will take me to a Hunter-Pace which is kind of like a competition but its a really long gallop through the woods. Those exhaust me but are FUN! I love to gallop through fields and leap over logs, well as long as my horse friends are with me too.

Fall is Snap season for the Bill Payer Lady and that means the kitties suffer. Muuuhahaha!!!


*Since I'm not eligible for prizes I still think I should get a bag of carrots and/or apples for my effort*


Anonymous said...

haha Frisky Snap!! That sounds very scary! :)
Momma says I iz scary enough when I iz frisky, and I does not weigh a ton! hehe

Dadda said his horsies used to be stabled at Daghem acres.. LOL silly name :)


Forever Foster said...

You are one great big handsome example of a horsey! Our mamma wants to learn to ride, so you better beware, incase she jumps you.

And from Fui, "MOL! You said fart!!!"

Derby said...

Hey Snap, you do look like you are ready to give the bitey to somebody! Don't get too frisky and hurt yourself.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Snap, you should be elligibul fur horsie prizes! Haf a carrot on us, 'kay? Purrs!

Junior said...

Meowm says she wouldn't want to be riding you when you get frisky...although galloping through fields does sound fun!