Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunbeam Break

Being a formally feral kitty has its perks. I know all the great spots outside to play and hide and ambush and climb. I come home all the time with leaves and burrs and sticks caught in my fur now that Fall is here. But after all that fun, a kitty just needs a little time to herself. That's why when I come inside I find my favorite spot and snuggle up with Mr. Sunbeam.
He's great! I love how he makes me glow and feel all warm and cozy. He bounces off my floofy furs and sparkles all over me. I don't want him to go so as he starts to leave I roll over and hug him goodbye and tell him I'll see him next time.
Scotchy and Mr. Sunbeam can be found at Kellykat's Korner.


Junior said...

Very cute! Mr. Sunbeam is the best!

Forever Foster said...

Scotchy, you look lovely in the sunlight! Mr. Sunbeam is a great friend to have around, we like him very much too.