Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frisky Fall - Whicky Wuudler

One of the best things about Autumn, is that the nights draw in sharper and colder and I get to spend evenings snuggling with my man. I love him. He's comfortable, warm and can resist fiddling with my massive paws. We commune about man things. I will let him know if my comfort is compromised in even the minutest way, by emitting a small grizzle. Here I am holding him down firmly. He may want to visit the bathroom, but I do not. I'm happy doing a sultry pout for the lens.

Whicky Wuudler - Guest Post at Housecat Confidential


Junior said...

Snuggling on your human is wonderful!! I love snuggling on my Meowm...but I can't hold her down lik eyou do...she just moves me!


Forever Foster said...

You are so cute! We love your picture, and we love your story. Love is great!:)