Monday, October 6, 2008

Latte's Frisky Fall

The wind was chilly and the ground cool beneath my brown paw pads. I decided to move into the "garden" to follow an interesting scent. As house hunter my duties are taken very seriously and this scent of camel crickets was strong.

A sniff here, a tail twitch there... a head jerk in the direction of some blowing leaves. All very important parts of protecting your home from intruders. Every fall these large bugs seem to find ways into our home through our basement. I've eaten one once....I don't recommend them. A leg immediately repeated on me. Anyhow, they're ugly and and not rather tasty but fun to hunt! Plus Meowmy HATES them and goes EEEWWWW when they're around.

Boldly I headed under the front porch on my short leash. I could smell them and hear them but not quite reach them. I struggled hard against my harness but my Meowmy was not in the mood to find a crag filled with camel crickets. Thwarted yet again. My life is so difficult.


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Forever Foster said...

Latte, it sounds like those bugs have found a good way to elude your hunting skills. We liked your story, and you look great sniffing around outside!:)

-Fui, Suey and Evie.

Junior said...

I hope you chased all those nasty crickets away!